Fans Start Petition For The Witcher 4

Fans of The Witcher series are feeling so disappointed since the news related to the end of The Witcher series is out. A fan from Italy, Antonio Greco, filed a petition on web: not to end the Witcher series and demanding advance series – The Witcher 4 – of the game. Currently the forum is getting so popular that more than 200 fans have already signed the petition here.

The Witcher 4 Petition

It is very hard for fans to see their favorite game ending. Many fans are stating their reason for signing is that the Witcher is the best game series they have ever played and they need more of The Witcher.

One fan said he has played many Rpg games, all were good, but he never find the best one till he played The Witcher 2. When he played the Witcher first time since then the Witcher series became his favorite, and when The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt launched, he bought the game because he trust the CD Projekt Red. He said that he is glad with his decision as the game is so entertaining.

CD Projekt Red has gained so much love from their fans and they should not disappoint them. They should bring The Witcher 4.

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