The Witcher 4 Features Wishlist

After the success of The Witcher 3 fans of the series has high expectations and features wishlist of The Witcher 4. Every fan of The Witcher series wish for the inclusion of all those necessary and astonishing features which were lacking or have never seen in any other game. The unique story and action scenes are life line of The Witcher series. The whole dramatic story for the game has been taken from the novel by Andrzej Sapkowski which CD Projekt Red has depicted with such a breathtaking vista that eliminated the need of reading actual novel.

The Witcher 4 Features Wishlist

The former sequels of The Witcher has already created the legacy in the gaming world, the game has overwhelmed the gamers and have captured their interest profoundly. Action scenes of The Witcher 3 has raised the standard of adventure games and the same, in fact more, is expected from the upcoming The Witcher 4. More strong character of protagonist and fatal battles with monsters and dragons along with miraculous story are expected as wishlist to come in The Witcher 4. The main character, Geralt of Rivia, will go through more fights with mysterious weapons to kill monsters and dragons. We all have perceived the success of The Witcher 3, now time is up for The Witcher 4 and fans are eagerly waiting to play first hand. Everybody is expecting the high level game. Let’s take a dip to observe at some wishlist.

The Witcher 4 Features Wishlist:

Multi player dual mode:

Fans are really craving for dual mode action where they can play 1vs1/2vs2/3vs3/4vs4 and can play against each other individually or in a group and can enjoy profound action. The fun of playing against each other is inexplicable. Make the game more perilous, after it is an action game, more action means more excitement and to make The Witcher 4 more challenging give some strength to non target enemy to cause damage, needless to say, bestow more power to the Geralt to cope up with all.

More Refined Targets:

It would be more fun if in The Witcher 4 developers includes more mini battles that will create additional barriers with extra twist in the game and in the storyline. Many fans are looking forward at the addition of new small targets to achieve before reaching out to the main enemy and a developmental story line that connects each and every incident with another and move the character further.

Better control and handling:

No matter how good the features are if the game controls are feeble. Make the controls and handling of the characters of The Witcher 4 smooth. The previous sequels were not that good when it comes to controls and movements. Fans wish to rectify this problem in the forthcoming game as this is obligatory and if possible, introduce the small features like a sharp kick to enemies who by chance comes in the close contact of the protagonist so as to avoid damages or add some more additional abilities in the main character that will make the game more electrifying.

Advance sneak system:

The Witcher 4 should come out with spectacular action and that raises the expectations from action scenes more high. To give an edge to the game, developers should furnish main character with some advance mystic weapons and HI-tech sneaking system that will certainly give the feel of our modern world mix with supernatural world of Geralt. Sneak system engages the interest of players and story runs like suspense with that.

Epic boss-fight:

Boss fights in the previous sequels were not up to the mark, yes there were some good ones too, but the class of epic boss fight was lost in the majority. Many fans were not satisfied and have many bad memories related to this. A good number of fans actually want to set this feature right where as the largest part of fans want to remove this attribute entirely. Chucking away the feature of Boss fights might be a good idea by fans when main theme of the game, slaying monster, put into consideration. Actually if we think about this, then we can come to a conclusion that chucking epic boss fight would be the best, particularly for the game like The Witcher. In the end, The Witcher is all about killing monsters.

So unload Boss fights and load more witching in The Witcher 4.

Mini Games:

Mini games of previous sequels should be replaced with new interesting mini games. In the previous sequels we all have seen fist fighting and dice poker in The Witcher. Those were simple yet entertaining and were a nice source of little distraction from all the death and politics. But now it is repetitive and have become all dull, fans want the same kind of entertainment but in the form of other mini games.

Surroundings and Environment:

All the previous sequels of The Witcher have given a great impression of vast surrounding. Players get a chance to explore many areas of Pontar Valley and beyond. Charm of the game captures the interest in a way that we don’t want to end it up the quest so quickly. The Witcher 4 need to expand this session, they should bring more locales, larger and expansive areas, and without a doubt use the enormous geographical universe available in the Witcher pallet.

Creditable Tutorial:

One thing that lacks in the previous sequels was a creditable tutorial, which should be included in The Witcher 4. Provide a separate room where player can practice all mechanics before the real action.

Difficulty level:

Increasing difficulty level is always appreciated, as long as it is fair. Enemy’s scale should not match the player’s level. In the previous sequels this mechanism was really bad. We hope in The Witcher 4, line between difficulty and unfair will be maintained.

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