The Witcher 4 PC, PS4 And Xbox One Features Wishlist

Since the release of The Witcher 3 and news about the The Witcher 4 is out, Web world is flooded with the high expectations and features wish list of fans. Every fan of The Witcher series wish for the inclusion of all those necessary and astonishing features which were lacking or have never seen in any other game. The unique story and action scenes are life line of The Witcher series. The whole dramatic story for the game has been taken from the novel by Andrzej Sapkowski which CD Projekt Red has depicted with such a breathtaking vista that eliminated the need of reading actual novel.

The Witcher 4 PC, PS4, Xbox One Features Wishlist

The former sequels of The Witcher has already created the legacy in the gaming world, the game has overwhelmed the gamers and have captured their interest profoundly. Action scenes of The Witcher 3 has raised the standard of adventure games and the same, in fact more, is expected from the upcoming The Witcher 4. More strong character of protagonist and fatal battles with monsters and dragons along with miraculous story is expected to come in The Witcher 4. The main character, Geralt of Rivia, will go through more fights with mysterious weapons to kill monsters and dragons. We all have perceived the success of The Witcher 3, now time is up for The Witcher 4 and fans are eagerly waiting to play first hand. Everybody is expecting the high level game.

The Witcher 4 PC, PS4 And Xbox One Features Wishlist:

Teleportation Portal & Purchasing Property Features:

As The Witcher series is an adventurous action game and the main character, Geralt, even in this upcoming sequel does not give the impression of home stay kind of a person. Moreover, this cannot be happen in sich action packed game. The previous series have clearly indicated that the Geralt will explore more places in The Witcher 4 and won’t even stay for long at one place. That said, it would be more exciting if developers could re-introduce the teleportation portals. And to bestow the Geralt with more power, Geralt would need more storage and crafting option in his home. But I guess it would me thrilling if Geralt wander in the forest and look out for local craftmen services.

Re-introduce Some Characters:

It would be more fun if in The Witcher 4 developers reintroduce some characters from the last sequels. Return of the grand master siegfried. If you have experienced the scois’tael path in The Witcher 1 then you would certainly enjoy the return of Yaevinn. Fans would like to see old characters like Kalstein,Thaler, Ada and Vincent Meis from TW1.

Fast Travel:

There is an argument on this matter whether to include this attribute or not. Many fans are on the positive side of its inclusion and some are standing opposite. Few gamers get annoy when they feel the travel in game is lacking speed, yet not so much to desire its inclusion. Many fans prefer roach instead of fast travel. Let’s hope developers will do some work on it.

Large Font Option:

The Witcher 4 will come out with large font option defining spectacular action for PC users. There is large font option for 360 users, but fans are expecting this time in PC version of the game. It would be a good relief for those who play on TV with tiny fonts.

Improved Save Slots:

Many fans were not satisfied and have many bad memories related to this. A good number of fans actually want to set this feature right to easily manage the save game. Fans want enhanced save slots where each play through can be saved separately for better experience just like Mass Effect.

Change Focal Point of Nilfgaard:

Fans want to experience the game moving further in a suspense ambiance. Let remain the subplot of Yennefer and The Wild Hunt subplot a subplot. Once the Geralt hunt down the spelljammer elves, what next should be done? From there story should take the form of anxiety. It looks an obvious choice to meet an Emperor while being in Nilfgaard. Twist should take place here; TW4 should not be focused just around fighting Nilfgaard and its cronies.

Dialogue Addition Instead of Ransacking Houses:

All the previous sequels of The Witcher have given an impression of loot from the Geralt side, particularly when Geralt enters into the people’s house and search and steal everything they have. Geralt is not a pick-pocket or a common thief, so doing this does not make any sense. Developers can do an edition here, instead of this they can add dialogue with home owners where they propose to help Geralt and with their will they would like to support Geralt in exchange of Geralt’s help of saving their life from the beast.

Larger FOV:

One thing that lacks in the previous sequels was a larger FOV, which should be included in The Witcher 4. Geralt is supposed to be a great fighter, and undoubtedly he is! But situational awareness is one thing that is the chief trait of every great fighter and for this, larger FOV is the solution and need of the hour.

Active Pause:

Developers should work out on active pause like in Mass Effect but should bring with some unique changes. Active pause should make the game into ultra slow motion – a lot slower than previous sequels but not completely frozen – where you will have full camera control and can assign different active signs to Geralt and when you resume the game, Geralt could perform those moves.

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