The Witcher 4 Release Date Update: Will Take Long Time To Release

CEO Marcin Iwinski of CD Projekt RED has confirmed, Witcher series deserves a rest before they start working on The Witcher 4. So this confirmed The Witcher 4 will take long time to release as CD Projekt currently has no plan to work on Witcher sequel.

The Witcher 4 Release Date

CEO Marcin Iwinski told Game Informer that they haven’t even started talking about Witcher 4. He said:

“Honestly speaking, we have not,” Iwinski said. “It [The Witcher series] deserves some rest. The past 10 years the team has been working on swords and castles and medieval Slavic monsters. So I think it’s time for some guns, androids, and some ammo. And a necropolis. So this is what we’ll be working on. We definitely are not annualizing a franchise or anything–it’s about the experience. The world of The Witcher is gigantic and it’s great to tell these stories, but I don’t know when this will happen.”

As per reports, the new game he is referring is Cyberpunk 2077 which is expected to out in 2017. Earlier we expected The Witcher 4 release somewhere around 2018 but now it looks it will have long delay. Stay tune as we bring more news and updates.

Source – GameInformer, Cinemablend