The Witcher Game 6 Facts You Might Not Know

The Witcher game series has been one of the most successful adventurous games. It has been a little slow and burning journey for the CD Projekt over the years to get recognition as one of the best game developers, specifically in the beginning when the first game was carrying a number of problems and part two Assassin’s of Kings was just a little improvement as it introduced only a few more people to the brilliant world of Geralt. The triumph card was its third series, the land mark release: The Wild Hunt. This proved to be the finest game everyone was waiting to check.

Here are some facts we are sharing about The Witcher successful game with you, so that we can celebrate success of this phenomenal franchise together.

The Witcher Game Facts:

Master Swordsman

To make the Geralt movements exceptional, CD Projekt exclusively hired a professional master swords man Maciej Kwiatkowski. His movements had been motion-captured for the game before release. The best way to move between multiple enemies while maintaining the deadly strikes is through his dance like approach.

Story competition of the Witcher

Once the Author of the Witcher participated in a magazine competition in 1986 and came third. That time he wrote the original Witcher tale into a short story intended to participate in a competition and he had been awarded with third position.

Controversial Scenes and Cuts

The game developers have never thought before the release that it can be a huge issue. Nude material of the game became controversial when the game went to Australia to past the ratings board and the issue came into light. Then the idea of “sex as a reward” started declining. Additionally, developers were forced to alter nude playing cards for the North American release. But it doesn’t make much difference, as always hackers and madders restored the original version of the game for PC players. Besides, CD Projekt also released a Director’s Cut with all the content intact at a later date.

Author never played the game

Author Sapkowski was never interested into the video game in any way. He is not a gaming fan in any sense, and he has never showed interest towards The Witcher game. CD Projekt has purchased the rights from him when they decided to create a game on it turn the series into one of the finest RPGs of all time.

Team Work and Success

One of the main developers of the CD Projekt, Adam Badowski, who was the key coders on the game, slept continuously for three days under his desk so that he could dedicate his most the time and work as much as possible to finish significant task. During that time the developer’s team was constituted of 15 members and now it is 200+.

Removed Ice-skating combat

At one point, while developing game, creative director Damien Monnier noticed they have added a prototype ‘ice skating combat engine. One could pick up the speed with controller’s triggers to power Geralt’s legs independently and could move swiftly like that and slice off heads. Though Monnier was in the favor of this, but unfortunately in the end this gimmick-sounding feature was removed.

These were some behind the game facts of The Witcher game. There are several more facts which we shared in the infographic below. If you know some other facts of The Witcher series, you can share with us in our comment section.

The Witcher Facts Infographics