Witcher 4 Is Not Coming Soon Or Might Never Happen

One of the most outstanding games is the Wild Hunt of the Witcher series. With the Witcher 3- Wild Hunt Blood And Wine, being given final touches for its latest expansion by the developer CD Projekt RED,the co-founder Marcin Iwinski also announced that the company is not planning to introduce any new Witcher in the series.

“We honestly don’t know. We don’t have anything planned as of now to be honest on the next Witcher,” reamarked Iwinski while talking to Eurogamer. He further added ,”As we said before, never say never but right now it’s really Blood and Wine. This is the end. Blood and Wine is the closing and there won’t be any Witcher any time soon – if there ever will be one. And I would really like to see how people feel about it, if they will enjoy it.”

Will There Be The Witcher 4 Game In The Witcher Series

The future plans of the Poland-based company is highly keen on releasing its RPG or Role Playing Game in the future and that is probably the reason for closing the series of Witcher series. In fact, CD Projekt plans to launch two major Role Playing Games- one is Cyberpunk 2077 which is expected to hit the ground anytime after 2017 and the second one is a huge-budget- triple-A RPG to be out between 2017 and 2021.
Interestingly, many were assuming the second big-budget release to be a Witcher 4, but the company has claimed otherwise  with Iwinski remarking “We are a publicly traded company so we cannot comment on that but I can assure you we are not working on another Witcher.”

Besides, it was also hinted on the development going on to make a new format on video game which has been hitherto unexplored. This is probably leading into the realm of virtual reality at par with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift already available and also the PS VR that is marked for release in this year.

The Blood And Wine expansion will be available from 31st May for all those who are still not quenched with previous adventures of Geralt of Rivia. in India, it will be available for Rs369  on it (Hearts of Stone) on Steam or $9.99 on GOG.com. This is the same price as the last expansion. And if the developer RED of CDProjekt decides to stay with the previous prices, one can expect to pay Rs 832 and Rs 760 for the Hearts of Stone on PS4 and Xbox One.